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How to Take Care of your Wetsuit Using the Best Cleaners and Conditioners

Once you buy your wetsuit, it is important to learn how you should properly take care of it even before you can start surfing. It is important to take care of your wetsuit so that it can serve you for long and stay in good condition. If you want o take care of your wetsuit, there are some important things that you ought to consider. Below are crucial things that you have to consider to keep your wetsuit looking good,
First, avoid taking off your wetsuit on the sand. This way, you will avoid making your wetsuit muddy.
Instead, step on the grass, mat or a cemented place, as long as you avoid making your wetsuit sandy and muddy. If you can find an ideal surface where you can remove your wetsuit, there are other measures to prevent turning your wetsuit into a muddy mess. Try to remove it slowly. If you are in a rush to remove your wetsuit, you make it harder to remove and can even get torn. Immediately you remove it, take it back in the ocean and rinse off any sand. After you still have to use freshwater. However, getting out the sand debris immediately is helpful because you prevent the sand from drying inside your swimsuit.
Rinse it with cold water. Once you take off your wetsuit, you need to rinse it immediately with fresh cold water. Avoid salty or cold water. This is because your wetsuit is made with neoprene and using salt or hot water makes the neoprene lose its flexibility. If you leave saltwater on your wetsuit, you shorten its life. Ensure to rinse thoroughly both inside and outside. Most of the time, your swimsuit will be filled with sand from the inside; hence rinsing the outside alone is not going to be so much helpful. Rinsing your wetsuit each time you use it prolongs its life.
Make sure that you dry your wetsuit. After rinsing your wetsuit, you must completely let it dry. If you don’t do that, you will trap in moisture, then start to smell. Ensure you dry the inside and the outside. However, start with the inside. Avoid exposing your wetsuit to direct sun; instead, hang it on a shade to protect the neoprene. Otherwise, dry it inside.
Another thing is to store your wetsuit flat and in a temperature-controlled place. You can store them in your bathroom. Avoid folding them; instead, keep them flat.
You should occasionally clean your wetsuit. When your wet suit develops Algae, has sweat, oils and combined with urine, your wetsuit will start to stink. To prevent this, ensure this clean your wetsuit using the best cleaners and conditioners available in the market. You can get wetsuit cleaners from surf stores or order from online stores. Never dry clean your wetsuit or iron it. Ensure to use proper cleaning and care techniques so that your wetsuit can last longer. Ensure that you keep your wetsuit in good condition; never take it off and throw it somewhere until the next time you go surfing; this is going to damage your wetsuit.

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